Odhner Pinwheel Calculators

The Odhner Pinwheel Calculator; Some Links:

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Smithsonian’s 1877 Odhner Calculator

Wikipedia: Odhner Arithmometer

Wikipedia: Willgodt Theophil Odhner

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Great Uncle Willgodt Invented all Computers:

For almost a hundred years, Willgodt Theophil Odhner’s pinwheel calculator design dominated personal scientific calculating. In 1971, when Busicom, a Japanese manufacturer of Odhner pinwheel clones, saw that electronics would take over the calculator market, they hired a small American company to develop a chip set they could use in a new line of calculators. That small company produced the intel 4004, which is the ancestor of the 8008, the 8080, the 8086, the 80286, and so on up through the Pentium and the rest of intel’s industry dominant line of processors. The Odhner Pinwheel Calculator is an ancestor of the computer you are reading this on!

Original Odhner Swag: