The Missing Things:

The Bayonet Eyepiece Interface.

The bayonet interface was present before the telescope was dismantled by G. W. Cook in the early thirties, and there is no record of it since. It may have gone to the new Flower and Cook Observatory, built in 1956, and perhaps went to Florida when the F&CO was destroyed. I could also have gone to the David Rittenhouse Laboratory when it was built in 1954. If anyone happens to notice it or any of the eyepiece fittings for it, laying around, gathering dust…..

One of the bayonet handles can be seen below Gustave’s coat cuff. It is horizontal in the photo, and is radially oriented with the tailpiece. The large stationary part of the fitting can also be seen. It appears here that there is a star diagonal installed.

Here again the bayonet plate can be seen, and perhaps one of the handles protruding from it at about “1 o’clock”. There appears to be a star diagonal installed.

This is the bayonet fitting from the Cook’s sister telescope, the Bishop.

The Alvan Clark & Sons Clock Drive.

The Clock Drive seems to have about the same provenance as the bayonet tailpiece fixture. It was likely present when G. W. Cook acquired the telescope, but there is no record of it since. By shear luck, when the telescope came in to the possession of Odhner Philosophical,  one of the parties involved just happen to have a nearly identical drive with provenance back to the Clark shop, and they sweetened the deal with it. This other drive was built to be driven from the opposite side, and the way the electrical current is conducted through the frame of the drive is slightly different. The Bishop sister telescope still has its drive. We only know the location of two of these drives.


An interesting photo:

This photo is of parts of the Bishop telescope, sister to the Cook. The collection includes the Bishop’s focuser with the bayonet fixture. The Cook’s bayonet fixture is missing. The collection includes the Bishop’s clock drive. The Cook’s clock drive is missing. The collection includes the Bishop’s objective lens cell holder. The Cook’s objectice lens cell holder is missing. The collection includes the Bishop’s name plate. The Cook’s name plate is missing. Sigh.