We restore and reproduce scientific instruments. We also make accurate reproductions of parts for other restorers. Our work includes novel designs made in classical style.


Orreries are our passion, but we love to work on telescopes, microscopes, and any other old brass instruments. Antique music boxes, barometers, mechanical calculators, and so on.


Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek Microscope selling on Ebay now!

Made using primitive tools from our collection — threads swaged using screw plates we made, brass parts hammered into shape on a 365 pound anvil…

The 1/16″ diameter biconvex lens is about 150X, made with shop made tools — iron grinding laps, tin polishing laps, brass mandrels…

Here is an insect wing seen through this microscope: (I think it is a crane fly wing)


Are you working on a restoration and need a special part? A lens cap? An artfully knurled knob? Nuts or bolts threaded in obsolete standards? We can make these things.

We make gears, perfectly generated with epicycloidal, involute, or triangular teeth. Custom tooth counts and center to center distances. Straight, helical, bevel, even paraboloidal and non-circular gears.

Here is a video of us making a gear, on Youtube:

Need a custom box for your antique instrument? Any species of wood, any sort of joints, custom or off the shelf hardware,  with fitted internal fixturing. Any finish from simple oil to french polish. Hand wood carving and metal engraving.

Documentation —  we’ll figure out how things work, and write instructions! Computer modelling of kinematic devices, photorealistic rendering.

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